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Online perfume store www.breeze.lv

A few words about our online shop:

The last few years in the market of consumer goods, a rather steady decline in sales in retail stores, including network, but with simultaneous growth of sales of goods and services via Internet. Today it is about 30 - 40% of all goods and services marketed by online shops. Market of perfume and cosmetics isn't exception. In this regard, we have decided to establish a network of retail stores and create our own perfume online store. So in April 2013 has appeared online perfume store www.breeze.lv . Site name was unusual, but at the same time allow our customers to easily present sea breeze and feel the slight breath of wind - that excites the mood of a person to make a purchase of desired smell for himself or loved ones, relatives, friends.

We made a decision to develop the project on the basis of perfume shop www.breeze.lv later we are planning to open several more online perfume stores with a more narrow specialization. During development of the project, much has been done, and even more we will realize, but no matter what we do, our main goal has been and will be quality work with clients with a single purpose, to as many as possible of our customers become our regular customers and recommend us to their family, friends and acquaintances.

The policy of working with clients.

Along with the idea of ​​creating an online store, we have defined the basic principles of work of which we will not retreat not a single step. In such a way, high-quality customer service has become a key element of our activity. For a long time in retail, we have a clear idea of ​​who the client is, and how to build with him a job. Every day we do our best to make every customer satisfied with our work shop, recommend us to their family, friends and acquaintances.

We do not aim to "squeeze" the maximum from each order, for us, is much more important that the client has come to us again and again. And this is possible only if the maximum customer-work of all departments of the company "AMBER BERG". So, when making a purchase from an online perfume store www.breeze.lv, you can be sure - any "complicated" case always, we repeat - always, will be treated with the highest attention. This is a basic principle of our work - it was, is and will be.

Pricing policy of the store.

Price-list formation - complicated process requiring the consideration of a number of factors, particularly in an area such as the sale of perfume and cosmetics online. Someone looking for the lowest price, and someone from the purchasers, however, frightens off the low price products, suggestive that a fake product. In our work, we focus on increasing the number of sold products, rather than on maximizing profits with every single order. In this context in the online store www.breeze.lv applies a minimum fee, which, according to monitoring of prices in the market, as well as the results of surveys and feedback from our customers can be described as below average among Internet perfumery. In many ways, the ability to set low prices for products in our shop due to low purchasing prices that have become available to us due to the constant increase in turnover and fruitful cooperation with our suppliers over the years. As a consequence, a moderate margin, the number of clients who come to us again and, therefore, regular customers of our store is growing from day to day. In the upcoming years we will continue to follow the chosen course and have no plans to increase the margin on traded products.

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